The Last Exorcism Part 2

Sequel to one of the bestselling horror movie of the past, The Last Exorcism Part 2 was a name that flaunted much of horror and gore and just the very look at the horrifying cover photo would send chills down the spine, making it a must-see on the to-watch list.

An American horror film with the plot based entirely on supernatural thriller and directed by Ed Glass Connelly. The cover is very usual of Exorcist series, a girl making a horrifying twist of her body that has is a very depiction of what viewers might expect inside the movie cover.

The movie starts off with the footage of last movie when Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is being exorcised in the woods of the rural Louisiana.Nell is further taken to a hospital where she’s treated and attended by the doctor and the nurses. The amazing part is where Nell completely forgets the incidents of the wood once she gets in conscious, except for the only thing that she’s the last surviving member of her family.

Later in the movie, things start to develop and the menace Nell once faced tries to finds its way back in her life. The paranormal activity around her starts to gain ground and the scenes built up to show some scary sequenced images and scenes that seem way too absurd for a franchise with a large number of followership from the prequel.

The Last Exorcism part 2 is more like an unwanted movie for the sequel for such an appropriately finished prequel whose ending those left some questions in the minds of viewers but still satisfied and horror-struck The sequel is more like an attempt to damage the reputation of the franchise and more or less mocks the genuinely created and acted content The Last Exorcism portrayed. Moreover the direction and the mundane plot make the movie more clichéd and twisted story of tales that have been forcefully added in a sort of sequence that tries to create an appeal for itself.

Critics and fans all over the world have quite mixed views regarding the movie, with most of them agreeing on the fact that movie wasn’t scary a bit. The scare part was in fact lack lustered across the 88 min runtime that seem more like wastage of time.The problem that the movie had was that the prequel was scary and so well planned and part 2 lacked the element of surprise. The direction of the sequel was extremely horrifying, making the fans flee in ‘horror’! The special effects were seemingly mediocre and in-genuine at time that easily made one turn the DVD player off.

The main attraction for the movie was the main actress who carried herself along from the last movie, Ashley bell a.k.a Nell. Along with her there were also many new faces that were greeted but the utter bad quality of movie overshadowed their performances.

The most awaited sequel since its trailers, The Last Exorcism part 2 is finally here. With questions ringing in your heads regarding what finally turned up of Nell Sweetzer and how the movie had been, here check our review on it.

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