Tarot Card Reader Maryam Aftab Talks to Fashion Central

1) What is Mariam Aftab all about? Who is she in her own point of view?

Answer: Well I think this saying will explain that how my life is going. I asked God for wisdom. And he gave me problem to solve. I go with the flow and I think the Devine plan paves the path way.

2) You are the only tarot card reader in Indian sub continent to have knowledge of eastern deck, how did you choose it as a career or did it choose you?

Answer: Believe me I never choose this career I studded psychology and professional photography. I was always interested in occult. I started to charge for a reading so that people would request less readings as i would do it for friends but that was the first step in my becoming a professional.

3) What became your motivation to come into this? And how it is bringing a satisfaction to your life?

Answer: It became a motivation in my life when I realized that one could really help people. It became very strong drive to do that. Life has many phases and the contribution that I am giving in a way brings a lot of satisfaction because you feel you done something constructive.

4) You are a popular media personality and enjoy a very prestigious client base in India as well. A lot of showbiz personalities are your clients. What do famous people usually want to know?

Answer: Famous people’s questions are mostly about the lucky and the unlucky time in their fate as the fame and fate goes hand in hand.

5) Your contribution to women empowerment and guidance on social/domestic issues has been enormous. What drives you?

Answer: I really believe in empowerment, I think no individual should be dependent on any one as women in Pakistan were the deprived ones so the drive for them was more.

6) Have you made any prediction/done a reading that has been scarily correct and you couldn’t believe yourself for foresaw it?

Answer: Three predictions about three different women who had come just after marriage. The three prediction was twin boy girl for all three of them and they have no family history of having twins and even when they were born the dates was accurate one was 19 December and one was 18 November and 2nd of January all in one year.

7) You are an author of an interesting book about client interactions. Are you planning to follow up?

Answer: Yes I am working on another book it will have healing patterns for every date of birth.

8) A lot of people come up to you for guidance and healing, what does it mean to you?

Answer: It’s a lot of responsibility; power of suggestion is very strong so session is mostly stressful for me also.

9) Where do you want to see Mariam Aftab in coming years?

Answer: I would like to spread the healing internationally. Especially my CD meditation on Name’s of Allah.

10) Anything you would like to mention in the end?

Answer: God give everybody to courage to change things they can and accept things they cannot change without stress.

Famous tarot card reader Maryam Aftab Talks to Fashion Central in an exclusive interview and shares the events pushing her into fortune telling career.

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