Summer 2014 Fashion Trends For Young Girls

Summers are the time when everyone wants more and new clothes. Summers are the best time to wear clothes from your own choice. In summers 2014, there are many kinds of fashion which are in for young girls. Young girls always should be dressed up in a very versatile way.

Fashion is something that is not constant; it keeps on changing from time to time. These days all the old 80s fashion is back and everyone loves it. 

This summer is the best time to wear big size of stripes. Stripes are always in fashion, they never go out. You can wear the stripes alone or you can even mix it with other bold colors. Young girls can carry it well. 

Pakistani girls are very fond of fashion and when they see summers is coming they become excited. New colors and new prints attract everyone to buy. Summers are all about being bold and attractive

Colors like coral, turquoise and all the pastels shades are very much in fashion for young girls. You can mix these colors all together or wear them alone. These colors are very summery and give pleasant effect to the eyes. 

Lace is again in fashion and this time it is back with little glamour in itself. Lace is very feminine and when girls wear this lace as blouse or tops they look extravagant. Lace dresses looks amazing in parties in colors like black and creams. 


Prints are back in fashion and they make you look beautiful. Young girls this year should wear prints and patterns to make a fashion statement. It is one of the hot fashion trends, wear floral and animated prints. Polka dots looks amazing if they worn with caprice or jeans

Maxis are very in these days and it is the best dress for young girls. In summers you always want something which is flowy. Maxis look very hot especially if you are going to some parties or club. 

Black used to be the color but this year white is the color for young girls. It is the most demanded color of the season. You can wear bright and accessorize yourself in a colorful way. White is a very pleasing and eye catching colors. Wear it with some printed scarf and get white kurtas. 

When we talk about normal Pakistani young girls than we can think so much for them. There are so many brands which designs good and quality clothes for young girls. Khaddi and Chinyere are one of the names everyone knows. Young girls these days love to wear kurtas and now you can see short kurtas are also in fashion. Khaddi has given lot of range to its customers.

In Pakistan, we have so many brands for young girls one of them is ego. A wide range of clothes and so much embellishment is done that it is enough.  One can also get made of your own choice by getting block prints and other techniques like hand silk painting which looks very unique and gives a traditional look. 

Other than clothes there are some things which are must to have. Summers are all about wearing colors, one must have bright colors sandals and flip flops to enjoy the season. Get comfortable and embellished sandals. 

In summers you need wide variety of clothes, as far as western fashion trends for summer 2014 is concerned. It is all about wearing digital prints top and maxis with little embellishment on them. Other than that silk tunics and shirts looks best as formal wear. Girls can wear everything but they need to wear colorful and bright clothes which enhance their overlook personality.

Fashion is giving a style statement to you and fashion is nothing wearing revealing dresses. Fashion is a style that enhances your personality and gives a charm to it.

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