Sublime by Sara talks to Fashion Central

Designer Sara Shahid of Sublime, has a heart-to-heart with Fashion Central and reveals the mystery behind the person Sara and the designer Sara. She also talks about her work, which infact is a mélange of Eastern and Western presented in the finest way possible.

1. Kindly tell us something about yourself?

I am person with a very distinct fashion philosophy and belief. I am passionate about what I do and how I do it. Sublime is part of my life and is also a reflection of me. 

2. The business you are in is full of challenges, and do you    feel you have been able to cope with them?

In this day and age life is full of challenges, expanding my business and making it what it is today requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I have always focused on my goals and worked with my beliefs and pace. I don’t think too much of what others do and just concentrate on what I do and do the best I can.

3. Designers normally win over minds and hearts do you agree with this?

I think it’s not designers but their designs that should win over people’s minds and hearts!!

4. What are the major ingredients of your brand?

Stylish, classic, clean delicate embroideries and minimalist design. 

5. In pursuing your goals what difficulties have you come across both from the angle of technology and resources?

Both in this country have been challenging to tackle with – fabric, zips, buttons, basic design ingredients, skilled labor, good machines, dyeing quality. We have had to deal with and do the best we could and with what we have. Basic consistent electric supply would be a blessing though! 

6. Any difficulties that you consider insurmountable?

No, we learn to work around them, this is what makes us even stronger and more successful. 

7. Now that so many people look up to you for desire fulfillment, do you think you are always able to succeed?

I think no one is always able to succeed; it is the mistakes that make you learn and the difficulties that you pass through that make you even more successful.

8. Any dress created by you that stands out in terms of excellence?

I feel through the years many have been my favorites.

9. Have the parents been an inspiration in achieving success?

Absolutely, they are the reason for me being who I am today.

10. Your family life, has it been affected by business demands on your time?

No, I try to juggle my personal and professional life. It probably does take it’s toll on me but I don’t want or let it effect them each other.

11. Along the way, have you been successful in developing a team?

Yes, but it’s been a journey finding the right trustworthy people.

12. Where do the ideas flow from; self thinking or watching competitors and tracking their creations?

Ideas can only evolve from oneself, what inspires you at the time is what you create and not what others do.

13. Any of your work that has helped to improve the image of Pakistan?

All the work I do is as a proud Pakistani. I feel all I do is a reflection of our country .

14. Is it possible for designers to reach out to Pakistani on the street?

Yes it is and some already have, it depends what your target market is.

I have always focused on my goals and worked with my beliefs and pace. I don’t think too much of what others do and just concentrate on what I do and do the best I can.

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