Spring Makeup Trends 2014

The natural is what spring brings out, and the natural is what everyone is trying to do this spring. This season what is bold is in. With make up the big bold and bright lips were introduced; the orange lips. The lips pop and are flattering in the spring regardless of your skin tone they just light up the face. But then again, there where the lips are loud they have to be balanced out as well and experimenting is what spring is all about. With the orange lips is something completely light and natural, the absolutely elegant and natural look.

With ruffled and messy updo’s for sloshes in the spring is the romantic that only reveals the beauty of your face. With just a little moisturizer and some concealer this gives your skin a neutral blush, the eyes are lightened up by their natural eye color and emphasized on by the simplicity of your rosy cheeks and the plum lips that are kept to their natural pink flushing shade.

Done is a casual day out in Spring 2014, we all need spring make up tips for nights where even the loud has to do. In spring this comes in with the black eyeliner. Spring 2014 is redefining the use of the black eye liner. Not that this is anything new or out of the ordinary, it is just the sultry statement it makes when you leave your house with a mellow and natural blush to your cheeks, a rosy shade of pink to our lips coupled with a smudgy and evenly laid out black eye liner that emphasizes your eyes, as we know, spring 2014 is all about the eyes this year. Give the lashes a spike and a bounce and focus on the covering of your lids with the dark goddess of an eye liner that will make you look fierce but never overdone. 

These are just the tips of a light nature, less use of make up. In spring 2014 we can see the use of pastel colors being introduced timely. That is what you need this spring, go pink or blue or green pastel around your eyes. The lack of eye liner of mascara will only make your eye color blend with the pastel shade you use and make you look different and eye catching this spring. Do not over do and make it look like clowns make up, a slight dab of the shade from the inner to the outer corner of your eye, above and below your lid will do the trick. Just enough to show a difference of shade from your skin to the shade. 

For a day to day rock and gothic look this spring you can always go for the drawn on eye look this spring. Make yourself look edgy and punk rock with just a charred black eye pencil that glamorously outshines the natural essence of your eyes. This spring is all about your face.

With spring is the arrival not just of the cool breezes and the delightful smell of the flowers but of the beauty of the world in general. Just like everything else in 2014, the spring make up trends are also different and an entirely new entity all on th

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