Sonu Nigam INSULTS Indians For India Pakistan Surgical Strike 2


Indian singer Sonu Nigam slammed his country’s media for its absurd sabre-rattling and melodrama against Pakistan. 

Addressing to the media, Sonu Nigam advised Indian to be mature and grow up. He was also of the view that Indian media should not spread hatred among people.

“I would never talk in favor of a war. I would never support the decision to go to war,” he told the press. “I, however, request you (the media) to not make a mountain out of a molehill for your ratings. By doing this, you are enraging the other party. If you provoke them in this manner, they will respond,” he stressed.

Moreover, he says that “There is no end to this. When we’ve just delivered the first ball, you can’t go and celebrate victory. Let your opponent respond first. This is very stupid of Indians. We act childish.”

“A reputable country acts responsibly. It goes on about these issues more seriously. I believe, we as Indians really, really need to grow up,” said Nigam.

“Even if you are taking revenge, act proper. Do not insult anyone. I don’t understand how you can celebrate someone’s death. It doesn’t matter if our people die or theirs [Pakistan], they are someone’s children, someone’s brothers, and husbands and are human beings.”

The singer continued, “For us to really develop, we need to grow up and have a more responsible media. Two things we really lack at the moment.”

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