Siyaah – When Darkness Prevails

Pakistani Film industry is not having a very good time nowadays. Some movies like Bol and Khuda keh liye did a really great business in the industry because of the story and director. These were the film which could be called a family movie. There is a new movie coming called Siyaah, it is known as the horror movie.
A Group of the young artist is making this horror movie. The director of this film siyaah is Azfar Jafri. The film is written by Osman Khalid who did a major role in the movie Salikstan. The cast of this horror movie is Hareem Farooq, Qazi Jabbar, Mahnor Usman, Aslam Rana and Amy Saleh.  The producer of this film is Imran Raza Kazmi and the movie concept is by Zahra Zaman Khan. The music which holds a great importance in the movie is done by Ahmed Ali.
The movie was about to release last year in October but now it will be released on 15th march 2013.
The main story line of this film is that it is all about the black magic which is very commonly practiced in our society. It is basically a low budget movie but it has spices in it that the audience will watch it out in any case.
The director of the film who is Azfar Jafri has guaranteed that change will be happened in the society after people will watch because he has done a one year research before directing it. He made this movie so that some change can take place because of peoples’ minds will change than society will change.
Let’s talk about the story of this movie. The story is about a very modern sort of family who are haunted by evil spirits and other supernatural begins and they believe it because their level of trust on GOD is very weak.  The writer and the director have worked really hard to show this concept in reality by making this movie. 
The story of this movie is very different and even it is shown that how people start believing in magic and how this magic can ruin lots of life.  The movie story line is very simple this is what actually a very commonly done but the director has directed it in a way that it become a horror.
The movie has a very different tag line which is “This fall, when you embrace the darkness, remember this. You should have believed”.  It is a very different concept that shows those things in movie which are now in practice and which also have bad effects on the society.
The director of the movie has done the best he could he told that the horror movie does its best when the background music and effects are great and this movie surely has.
The movie is one of its own kind, this movie has shown another side of film making as the real focus was to show something which is in practice and really there are real cases of people who are possessed by jinns. The film was a big challenge for everyone but everyone did their best, actors did justice to their job.

After watching this horror movie I am sure that you will become really scared. While watching the film you will be really scared because the story line is catchy and it holds you. In the end this movie will leave you with anxiety and obviously fear.

In the end I would like to suggest that everyone should watch this movie and after watching it think about. The cast of this movie is amazing and it is very well written.

A much awaited movie is Siyaah, it is the upcoming Pakistani horror movie. Siyaah story is all about black magic and how people start believing in it. This movie is made after a lot of research. The movie will be a big hit as the movie is on a very differ

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