Singer Aliya Chinoy Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

‘Almost Dawn’ that is the title of the album Aliya Chinoy has written composed and sung. This being the girls debut album has gathered a lot of moss in many circles. A teacher, painter and a songwriter Aliya took this step for the passion of music which she had since she was a child. 

Not just a pretty face but a beautiful voice to accompany it, Aliya stands out from amongst the crowded world of music and singing. With a voice that is clear, the nuances appropriate and diction to match any British or American singer Aliya Chinoy is releasing her first ever album titled ‘Almost Dawn’.

It is an effort that many have been waiting for now. And it can also be predicted that it will be a hit in the English speaking circles as it is so finely tuned that you mistake it for a foreign album sung. The album Almost Dawn is destined to be launched in December this year.

A teacher at a prestigious school, a painter and obviously a music lover since her childhood Aliya did infact always want to sing. It was initially the urge to express that Aliya started out painting, writing and now singing. All of which saw her succeed and so it is apparent from before the launch of the album that it too will be a success.

Regarding Almost Dawn and who the real Aliya Chinoy is, we had a chat with this vibrant female and following is what she revealed about her much awaited album and her journey while making it.

1. Your album is almost about to see its launch let’s talk a little about the style of music and songs that you have made.

Mostly ballad style, I picked up playing the piano around 2009, the same time I wrote my first song. I play by ear and have enough basic skills to compose the songs.

Kashan Admani at Dreamstation Studios along with Alfred D’mello bring their own take on the songs; changing the tempo or giving it a feel they think it needs. There are times when I’m specific as to what I want and at others I let them develop a sound for it. But we work really well together as a team to create the end result.

I felt strongly about giving a consistency to the sound rather than trying out a lot of different things in the album. We went for mostly live instruments and live sound rather than a digital sound. We are happy with the end result of the album and how the songs have come out. I think you could term the music as soft pop-rock. 

2. A pleasant and different aspect to your music is that you have chosen English as a medium to express. Why so and how do you feel about this?

The album ‘Almost Dawn’ is entirely in English because that is what comes naturally to me… what I’m comfortable with as a language. There’s a really small market for English music here in Pakistan I’m aware of the fact. I’ve also been told many a times to write and sing in Urdu, it’s more viable. That is true as well. But because this has primarily been a project of passion and I like the way the album was turning out I allowed myself to go with what I wanted this album to be, an English album.

So, honestly I’m not sure if our market is ready for an all-English album or not but I’m going to put it out there anyways and just hope some people enjoy it, even if it is a small portion of the market. I will also release it virally on iTunes so that the album can be accessed internationally which is a wider audience although also a tough market to break through.

3. Almost Dawn – your album is releasing anytime now. Tell us about it. Who is the composer and lyricist?

AC. It is slated for release in December. I have composed and written the lyrics of all the songs on my album. It’s been the best part of the journey I feel. Who knows, maybe I can write and compose songs for other artists too some day.

4. What is the source of inspiration for the songs?

AC. As with any writer you draw from your experiences while other parts are created by noticing the world around you. There is an element of role-playing here as well, which helps create the story of the songs.

5. What are your plans about making Urdu songs?

AC. I have written an Urdu song already. It came to me probably a few weeks before the album was finalised much to the joy of a few people who have been encouraging me to write in Urdu. I will work on it and release it some time after the launch of the album however.

6. How did this musical journey begin?

It was when I wrote my first song that I decided to take singing seriously. Although I rarely performed it live, I mostly did cover songs, it was in 2009 as far as I can recall.

7. You always wanted to be a singer?

I grew up singing and that is very natural. Most children love music and singing. And its likely that at some point they dream of the idea of being a singer. I did too probably but like most people we also never really consider it as an option as a career so we grow out of it. I think there are a lot of closet singers, dancers, actors out there. I was lucky I fell back into this by chance and I just went with it.

8. What were you doing before you took up music seriously?

I am a Painter and a teacher of Art. I’m passionate about all these things and am grateful to have them in my life.

9. Your family’s reaction to your taking up singing?

My family and friends have been very supportive. In fact it was my closest girlfriends who really encouraged me to take all my songs into the studio. They used to get a performance of my newly written songs every time we had dinner together so they were my first audience too!

10. Are you the only creative one in your family?

No. My whole family is into the arts. They are all quite creative.

11. Music: Career or a hobby?

Not a hobby! A project of passion. 

12. What else keeps you occupied?

I’ve had several painting exhibitions in the past although my painting has taken a bit of a back seat these days. I do plan to exhibit again in the near future.

13. If not a musician?

Not a mathematician for sure! Anything creative. Let’s see, outside of all the arts which I love, I could have leaned towards marine biology, sociology, archaeology – stuff I’m fascinated by.

14. Where do you see yourself ten years down the lane?

This is an exciting question. I know through experience that life can take you absolutely anywhere. it’s an adventure for sure. As long as I’m happy its good!

15. The music you like?

Something that’s catchy melodically and gets you moving, or moves you emotionally, that’s heartening and or reflects your state of mind is ‘my kind of music’… or anyone else’s for that matter. It’s a beautiful language!

19. You relax by?

I have many modes of relaxation. I love being outdoors, going swimming and/or to the beach, getting lost in movies, a great book, or a drive. Relaxing one-on-one with a friend is great too. Writing reflections or sketching them. Playing old music and writing new stuff. Alone time for me is really valuable but I love a weekend out with my friends too.

20. Your future plan.

Life’s too short and the ‘now’ is the only certainty. Live life with no regrets.


Songstress, pianist and singer Aliya Chinoy is allegedly the first Pakistani female to release a solo English album entirely in English with 13 original compositions. Aliya Chinoy shared her passion for singing in an exclusive interview with Fashion Centr

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