Sarhi Trend in Pakistan

 1. The Sarhi Trend Analysis

The Sarhi trend in Pakistan has always been something influenced by either India or Bangladesh. But over the years it has become a major trend in Pakistan as a themed dress on weddings and institutionalized farewells.

Several fashion brands have begun to design saris as the dominant attire of their boutique. From casual sarhis with a decently done and light palloo for teenagers wearing saris for the first time they range to elaborate and fancy saris for sisters, sister in law at weddings and functions after weddings. 

2. Sarhi Trend In Pakistan 

Pakistan has progressed vastly and at a rapid rate in terms of all its attire, but a lot of new and upcoming designers have invested a massive amount of their energy and creativity in coming up with designs for all walks of life. 

3. A Dress For Special Occasions

Sarhi is such a dress that it is always saved up for special occasions where one wants to dress up and doll up for familial and close functions. Designers focus on either the blouse with exquisite work and elaborate designs coupling it with a net sarhi or a lighter colour of the palloo. This allows the blouse to whine through and portray its beauty in its essentiality.

Whereas on the other hand designers cater to a blouse with the simplest of blouse and focus all their attention and pent up energy on the palloo. With work that falls through all the way down to the bottom or with work that elegantly and glamorously stretches across the borders of a loud colour is what suits them best. 

With sari everything needs to be taken into consideration, from the colour to the texture, to the ideas that are portrayed through every fold and cuts. It allows them to swoon through any crowd with elegance and a certain air to them.

4. Cuts and Designs

Saris with flaunting cuts and styles can look absolutely remarkable, a halter neck with a beaded blouse, and a crinkle chiffon overall makes it look exquisite. What is a mistaken thought is that, there is only one kind of sari that exists, which however is not the case. There are many genres when it comes to saris, following are the kind of saris found in the Bangladeshi culture but well and effectively adopted by the Pakistani culture as well. 

5. Different Types 

Following are a few types of saris once found in the Bangladeshi culture and now found in Pakistan

  • Jamdani

  • Dhakai Benarosi

  • Rajshahi Silk

  • Tangail Tanter Sari

  • Katan Sari

  • Pabna

6. Sarhi Trend Incorporated from Bangladeshi and Indian culture

  • Bangladeshi saris are not the only kind well adopted by the Pakistani people. Others include several incorporations from the Indian culture which are further divided into northern styles, western styles and even central styles. The designs and look depicts the grace and stance of their respective cultures. 

  • However nowadays, Pakistan has started to take on these styles via incorporate their own sense of style and the cultural ethnicity. The approach of the design then varies the sense of draping and approaching the sarhi changes. A sense of a Pakistani sensibility is incorporated through their colours and depictions. 

  • Where once the Sari trend in Pakistan had almost died out, it is now an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It portrays elegance and grace that all other dresses lack and gives every woman a chance to experience the beauty of their culture along with a hint of other cultures as well.

The Sarhi trend in Pakistan has gradually increased from a zero to a maximum over the years. Several designers have also created one of a kind Sarhis for all bridal, formal and casual events for women with a knack for elegance and a stance for grace.

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