Sania Maskatiya Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Sania Maskatiya, a fresh face in the world of Pakistani fashion, has been hailed by critics and fans alike for her unique cuts and elegant aesthetic with a contemporary touch. She has been designing under prêt, haute couture as well as bridal couture under her eponymous label since 2009. Sania’s diverse colour palette and innovative imagery draw inspiration from designs in nature and cater to varied group of women. Here at Fashion Central. Sania Maskatiya talks about her label, the fashion industry and her own work ethic.

  1. What is the quintessential Sania Maskatiya label fashion philosophy?

 Our designs are both classic and modern and hence appeal to a varied group of people. The unifying principle of my collection is the use of the international silhouette: clean simple lines with the finest quality fabrics and craftsmanship.  

  1. Tell us more about each line under the Sania Maskatiya design label.

 Each line gives me a sense of joy, prêt because it makes my designs accessible to a wider group of people; haute couture because it allows my creative instincts freedom. The enjoyment of bridals is twofold, firstly the designs are unique as I get to collaborate with the client and secondly the sense of satisfaction in knowing my work made someone’s big day a little more special.

  1. How has fashion inspired you?

 Inspiration comes from infinite sources: people I meet, places I visit, movies and poetry; it all shapes my thought process and contributes to what I design. Even your emotional state at the time can have a big impact on a specific collection.

  1. In pursuing your goals as a designer what difficulties have you come across both from the angle of technology and resources?

It would be an immense source of help if the textile bureau could help lift import duties off certain items in order for us to import them to use in our businesses. In terms of finishing a garment, the proper accessories such as good quality zips and finishing materials are not available here and so this hinders us in competing with other brands around the world to export our garments to big couture houses around the world.

  1.  Do you feel that fashion can help impact the international image of Pakistan? 

 Unfortunately, the image of Pakistan that is portrayed to most of the world is of an angry, intolerant and violent society. All the arts including fashion can change this misconception by conveying to the world that we, like all people are also inspired by love, beauty, passion and a rich culture.

  1. Do you feel a designer’s personal sense of style is reflected within their label’s aesthetic?

 I would not feel comfortable if I didn’t love every outfit with my label on it, so yes my sense of style is reflected in my work. However, since I design for a varied age group, I adore all of my designs but might not personally wear all of them.

  1. Who would you most like to dress nationally and internationally?

 Meesha Shafi and Kate Middleton

  1. Do you have any plans of taking the Sania Maskatiya label to the mass market what with the current designer Lawn hype across Pakistan?

 Sania Maskatiya labels want to reach out to the masses with its prêt line and its own signature fabric, not necessarily lawn.

  1. Do you feel that fashion weeks in Pakistan can help institutionalise and professionalize the business of fashion in Pakistan? 

If done properly with the presence of international buyers and stockers, this would be a forum like no other. It would help raise the bar in terms of a perfectly finished garment and help all the design houses put their best foot forward.

  1. You are known to balance your work and personal life with grace and finesse. Do share some advice with our readers on how you have achieved this. 

My brother Umair Tabani is my business partner and so we share our work responsibilities. I am aided by very competent individuals in my creative, sales and management departments.


This allows me some amount of latitude in maintaining my household and caring for my baby. I believe you should never let your family life be compromised by your work. Good scheduling, a supportive staff and your own personal integrity are very important to achieve this.

Sania Maskatiya, a graduate of the prestigious Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture, and a young and talented designer, who has recently launched her label ‘Sania Maskatiya’, talks to Fashion Central about her ambitions and profession.

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