Sanam Baloch Creates a Stir via Ek Thi Marium Trailer

The movie fills you up with impending doom and you appear ready and alert and on your toes.

Sarmad Khoosat has demonstrated his film making creativity before and now he hopes to stir up things again. And the Ek Thi Marium trailer is a latest sample of how he plans to cause an uproar through his latest movie production.

Interestingly the film Ek Thi Marium is based on the real life story of the first female fighter of the country, Marium Mukhtar. The main role is played by Sanam Baloch.

The trailer touches the dreams of a Pakistani female who seeks to become a pilot. Through short snippets, the hardships and struggles faced by her are portrayed. Also highlighted are the doubts that appear and come between her and her journey.

However, she shows resilience and does not give up, backed by support from her mother.
The film is scheduled for release on Defence Day, 6th September 2016 to glorify her further.

Famous pakistani model and actress Sanam Baloch's Tele film Ek Thi Marium trailer looks promising.

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