Sameera Raja CEO of Canvas Art Gallery talks to Fashion Central

Q1: How did you come across Krizmah bags?

Ans: Nadia Malik of Krizmah bags came and introduced her product to me.

Q2: What made you feel Krizmah bags would appeal to the clientele and regular visitors of Canvas gallery?

Ans: I believed that each bag was a work of art and hence, should be shown at canvas.

Q3: Krizmah bags represent a high-fashion accessory while Canvas is really an art gallery: how do you reconcile the two?

Ans: Like I said earlier, I believe each bag (that is the embroidery) is a piece of art

Q4: Krizmah bags were recently launched at an extremely successful event in Karachi: which bags were an instant hit with the audience?

Ans: The prosperity cluthches and tree of life

Q5: What do you think makes Krizmah accessories stand out from the rest?

Ans: Quality of workmanship, design and that it’s indigenous to Pakistan

Q6: Do you own a Krizmah bag yourself: if so, which one?

Ans: Prosperity clutch

Q7: Krizmah has recently started branching out into laptop bags, and I pad covers are next: what do you think about this direction Krizmah is moving into?

Ans: Its evolution and positive

Q8: Do you feel most Krizmah customers are aware of the heritage and story behind the brand, or they just pick up the products because of their fine workmanship and design?

Ans: Most are aware of the heritage, which is also something we at canvas are promoting: Pakistani products

Q9: How do you choose which brands/ products to stock at Canvas gallery?

Ans: We are not in the business of stocking normal products at canvas. As mentioned earlier, we felt these bags were a work of art and showcased them.

Q10: What can we expect from Canvas in the future?

Ans: Just Wait and see.

Sameera Raja of Canvas Art Gallery talks about her love for miniature and contemporary art in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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