Salman Khan will Not Go to Jail

Two days earlier, the trial court had found the actor guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced him to five years in prison. Now the situation has taken a complete turn, Salman khan will be free from all the charges of September 20102 hit and run case. Salman’s fans and family can now rejoice by  the judgment passed by Bombay High Court…

Salman Khan was convicted of all the charges pressed against him in the September 28, 2002 hit and run case. The decision to set him free was   made on Wednesday May 6. It was also declared that Salman Khan would be sentenced to five years of rigorous imprisonment by the Sessions Court.

But now the court has released him because the High Court has not just granted him bail, but also overturned the Sessions Court’s sentence against the actor. Which means that the actors family, friends and fans can now heave a sigh of relief!

salman khan mumbai high court

The presiding HC judge A M Thipsay accepted Salman Khan’s lawyer Amit Desai’s arguments. Here are few questions raised by Desai on the prosecution and the Sessions Court judgment…

# How many people were in the car?
# Why wasn’t Ravindra Patil’s interview claiming that Altaf was behind the wheels at the time of the accident taken into consideration?
# Why was Salman Khan questioned while Kamaal Khan not grilled about the accident?
# The prosecutions timeline doesn’t match with that of the accident report and the witnesses’ statements

salman khan with mother

Salman Khan leaves the Sessions Court after the High Court granted him interim bail of two days in Mumbai. (AFP)

Immediately after the sentencing, he moved the High Court that granted him interim bail until today.
Today is the final working day of the High Court before it closes for summer holidays until June 8.

Salam Khan has been set free from all the charges made on him for September 2002 hit-and –run case. High court said No jail for Salman Khan.

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