Salman Khan Turns Real-Life ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

Salman khan‘s blockbuster hit bajrangi bhaijaan, based on a fictional story of a speech-impaired, six-year-old girl Munni who stumbled across the Indo pak border, has renewed interest in the real-life case of 23-year old Geeta, a speech-impaired Indian woman who’s being cared for by the Edhi Foundation since she accidentally wandered into Pakistan 13 years ago.

Geeta is unable to communicate where her home and family is, and no one from India has reached out to claim her so far.

Bollywood star Salman stressed at a press conference yesterday he said that "She must be having her own family and friends [in Pakistan]. We should make sure her life out here is a lot better than it was there, otherwise phir point kya hai [what’s the point of bringing her back?"

Salman also said, "We should thank the NGO in Pakistan (Edhi Foundation, which has looked after Geeta all these years) for supporting her and giving her a good life. We should respect the fact that they have kept an Indian there for such a long time."

salman khan and geeta

He added that "if Geeta wanted to meet him, he "would be happy to" fulfil her wish".

indian girl in pakistan geeta

Edhi with Geeta Pics

Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor Salman khan said that geeta should be looked after well once she's brought back to india.

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