Safa Talks To Fashion Central In An Exclusive Interview

1. Tell us something about yourself? where were you educated and what brought you into TV and Modelling?

Ans: I lived in Dubai my whole life, went to school here but did my college from Lahore Kinnaird College. Even in school and college I used to participate in stage plays and debates so the passion for this field was there since childhood. I started modeling for my friends for their brands as a favor and then there was no looking back.

It seems the camera loves me and also the positive feedback put my spirits higher and so I carried on and took it up as a serious profession. They say when the passion is strong and the response is positive and most important with the support of your loved ones, then the pursuit for your goals become easier and natural and Allah has been kind to shower me with right opportunities. 

2. Who is your favorite celebrity that you have interviewed so far?  

Ans: I have interviewed many celebrities and renowned personalities but my most favorite is with the superstar Salman khan. Interview with Salman Khan was indeed a dream come true, him being my childhood crush.

3. How do you juggle between modelling, hosting and being a brand ambassador for sonar?

Ans: Well it’s all about time management and how one gives priority .Anything that one loves doing, one always finds time for it. I give my most time to hosting then as any interesting modeling project comes along, I do make time for it but being the brand ambassador for sonar I equally take it serious as it’s a brand really close to my heart and I even walked the ramp as show stopper for it in Bridal Couture Week for Hum TV. I believe anything done with complete love and sincerity will stand out and be a success and that’s how I take all my projects.

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

Ans: I have little spare time as shoots and recordings are time consuming but whenever I do have time I hang with my friends for sheesha or being a shopaholic hit the malls and do retail therapy and in between them take out time for spa treatments to pamper myself.

5. Any experience that you would like to share with our readers?

Ans: Life is a big experience in itself. Every experience is a lesson. My best experience is to be in this field which I love so much and loving what you do makes you not only satisfied but even successful.

6. Any upcoming exciting projects?

Ans: I have new exciting modeling projects, also signed new show with a big TV channel which will be airing soon Insha Allah. Looking into some acting projects too. So will be properly busy doing my favorite work. Aamir Mazhar of Savvy PR is my publicist and also advices me on my career moves.

7. What is an average day in your life like?

Ans: My average day starts with prayers of early morning then again to sleep, wake up for yoga and then to work, then  come home to my family, if i have an event invite or friends to join then go out for a couple of hours in the evening.

8. Any message for our readers?

Ans: My message will be, never give up on your dreams or your passion. Keep working towards it with positive attitude and hard work. Don’t let anyone’s negativity bring you down. Have strong faith in Allah. Allah always has a perfect plan for us, He never gives us all at once but step by step because He wants to teach us to walk by faith not by sight.

Safa, known as a talented celebrity interviewer, reveals her passion and love for taking celebrities’ interviews, in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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