Saboor Aly Responds to Backlash for Mocking a ‘Window Cleaner’

After facing a back lash over a viral video of Saboor Aly and Saheefa Jabbar making rounds, where they were seen ridiculing a guy who was cleaning the window, have apologized for their demeanor.

They were seen mocking a man cleaning the window, implying that the dreams of his parents were probably shattered by the alleged cleaner, for not living up to their expectations.

Saboor Aly and Saheefa Jabbar, faced the wrath of Twitteratis for undermining the hard work of the labor class with such haughty and disgraceful remarks. After the incident, both of them published a public apology in a video message to explain that it was all done in a light mood and the cleaning guy was infact the assistant director Ehsaan Sheikh.

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‘#SaboorAly and #SaheefaJabbarKhattak apologizing publicaly on their behaviour in the viral video they are sitting with the guy who was cleaning window (Assistant Director Ehsaan Shaikh ) both girls are sorry for their words and asking forgiveness and requesting to end this and accept their unconditional apology.’

Saboor Aly also posted an apology on her wall.

‘No one has ever become smaller by rendering an apology.I had to bring Ehsan Bhai on the screen to share our story so we did. If there was anyone who could have felt bad after teh whole fiasco would have been Ehsaan bhai & therefore i had to start by being sorry to him. Secondly, all the people who felt upset or angry were rightful & i wanted to apologize to them for a joke i shouldn t have cracked under any circumstance. Life is a learning curve through my own experience,’she added.

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