Saboor Aly Opens Up About her Romantic Relationship in Public

Saboor Aly is a Pakistani actress who appears in Urdu television. The younger sister of actress Sajal Aly, she began her acting career with a family drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain. Aly garnered recognition with a comic role in sitcom Mr. Shamim.

Saboor frequently makes headlines for the roles she plays and her family outings. However, the internet was broken by her wedding to fellow actor Ali Ansari.

Pictures and videos of their celebrity-studded wedding were widely shared online. Back then, people talked a lot about their PDA.

Many personal moments from Saboor and Ali are shared with their followers, but most of them are sweet images of them having fun together. They refrain from publishing too many romantic or intimate photos of themselves. And while many celebrities upload their images online and are fine with PDA, Saboor Aly was asked about it in an interview.

According to Saboor, PDA is acceptable, but it must be motivated by sincere love and affection. No one should be doing it to become the IT couple on social media, and the love being expressed should just be love. There shouldn’t be a reason behind it.

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