Sabiha Zahid – Miss Pakistan World 2012 Finalist

Sabiha is a 20 year old British Pakistani she is a computer science student at university and works as a part time teaching assistant at the Ilford learning centre in London. She also worked as a student learning assistant (SLA) at her university which she was awarded for recently. She has currently passed her second year at university and will pursue her third year. Her confidence has flourished whilst working with different age groups.

Sabiha  worked voluntarily at an Asian women’s advisory service (AWAS) where she has believed to have gained an insight into how many people perceive different problems in life and deal with them, this has made her a very diplomatic person; she organised and performed a drama piece to empower women, this was her second live performance that she has ever given in a public place, she feels it’s a lovely experience to see people appreciate your help, which is why she voluntarily went on to do this. She wants to do more to help women in the future, hence her presence in the Miss Pakistan pageant.

This pageant consists of 5 rounds of which one is a talent round; Sabiha has compiled a dance remix which consists of a mixture of Pakistani Western/English and Afghani songs, to perform on. The choice of music was hers; she believes the mixture represents the difference cultures in Pakistan; bringing the western world closer to Pakistan; this is something she believes people need to accept. The dance is choreographed by her and her friends who helped a lot critically.

She has been reading on Pakistan and India’s history and various other documents and books for her preparation towards this pageant. One of the most touching she feels is the Parvez Musharrafs ‘In the line of fire’ which she was encouraged and motivated by as it sent a deep message through Parvez Musharrafs writing of events.

Sabiha believes life has taught her a lot since childhood; teaching her to stay strong whether family problems were at hand or whether she was forced into anything.  She calls herself a freedom fighter, as over the years she has become an individual who has always wanted to stand for not only her rights, but the rights of other citizens residing in Pakistan especially after paying a visit there last year; where she taught some children in the neighbourhood of Gojra Pakistan (which is in the Punjab province of Pakistan) their basic English. She loves helping these vulnerable children who are in the need of education.

She says “it was touching to see them so happy whilst learning; I would love to go back again whenever I get a chance and do something more supportive.” She has always believed that education is the base of understanding others opinions. This career was not happily approved by her family or a few others she came across. Nonetheless, she carries her beliefs and dreams in a positive and confident manner, as there is more to her than what other want to enforce; she is looking forward to meeting people just like herself at this pageant in August.

Sabiha is a 20 year old British Pakistani, she will be representing London UK and Faisalabad Pakistan in Canada at the Miss Pakistan World pageant 2012 in August.

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