Saba Qamar Divulges her Fitness Secret

Saba Qamar can easily be categorized as a celebrated model, a phenomenal TV host and an outstanding actress. In the course of her interaction with tv media, she talked about her physical fitness and divulged and laid bare some gripping yet enchanting secrets of the fitness aspect of her physical self.

Undoubtedly an exquisite and glorious looking actress, her ravishing looks have the backing of a trim body but what people are unaware of is that she is neither proud nor arrogant and as she confessed and emphasized that she is a down to earth person, in real life.

Currently her roles include, a prominent one in ‘Lahore Sey Aagay’, and this production is in progress under the joint production banner of of ARY Films and The Showcase Films. And what has to be clarified here is that it is not a continuation of ‘Karachi Se Lahore’.

Saba Qamar with her delightfully slim posture and appearance stated that her role in a drama carried the negative touch, yet it was a life-changing experience for her. The drama story centered around considerable tension between two sisters and while one of the sisters was Saba, the other one was Aamina Sheikh. And this role was the first negative role of her acting life and fortunately the audience adored it and expressed appreciation.

Expressing and divulging her fitness secret, she shared that she was an active person, always energetic and lively and not prone to remaining idle. Physical activity is what she likes and keeps herself engaged in that. And much against general perception, it stands revealed that she is not a gym goer. In this regard she said “I do not go to gym, however whenever I get free time at home I dance to the beat of music. This is my hobby which automatically fulfills need of exercise“.

Answering another question regarding a rumor of her being associated with a money-laundering case, she categorically denied any such association and said that she had no idea what sparked the rumour. But one certainty was that she was deeply hurt by it.

Pakistani model and actress Saba Qamar Shared Her fitness secrets in an exclusive interview.

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