Saba Faisal Makes Severe Allegations Against Her Daughter-in-law: Claims She is Lier

Saba Faisal is a Pakistani actress and former news anchor. In her career of more than a decade, she has appeared in several acclaimed television serials, theatre, plays, and films mainly in the Urdu language.

(Photo Credit: Saba Faisal/@Instagra)

Pakistani actor Saba Faisal opened up about her differences with her daughter-in-law and made a video on it in which she severed ties with her son Salman and his wife Neha.

Saba Faisal made severe allegations against her daughter-in-law and defended her decision to make a video and asked people not to judge her family matters. She claimed that Neha was a bad person and such a kind of woman that she could disturb the peace of anyone’s house.

In a visibly emotionally shattered video, the television actor explained that her son wanted to live with Neha (her daughter-in-law) and both should live happily but she wanted to cut all ties with her son and her daughter-in-law. She said those who were commenting on the video of Neha, must be clarified that she was not associated with her anymore.

Saba Faisal claimed that people should not pass judgment and even they should not listen to the one-sided claims on the differences. She said the reality was quite graphic and she and her daughter had no association with Salman and Neha.

In an Instagram post, her son and actor Arsalan Faisal claimed that his sister-in-law has been mentally torturing the family for the past four years. He also said the family had been tolerating her but they won’t do so anymore.

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