Saba Faisal Has Opened Up About the Controversy Involving Her Daughter-In-Law

Saba Faisal, a renowned and talented Pakistani television actor, has garnered a strong fan following through her brilliant performances. She has played significant roles in numerous successful serials, such as Humsafar, Durreshehwar, Lashkara, Baaghi, Pyare Afzal, Thora Sa Haq, Zara Yad Ker, Khaas, Habs, and Ghalti.

Her compelling acting skills and impactful characters have contributed to the success of these shows. Recently, Saba Faisal addressed a controversy involving her daughter-in-law, Neha Salman, during an appearance on the show “Chocolate Times With Ayesha Jahanzeb.”

Reflecting on the controversy, Saba Faisal admitted her mistake, stating, “A few days ago, I became involved in a major controversy, and I believe it was because of me. I unnecessarily spoke about something, and that was my mistake. I should have chosen to ignore or avoid it easily.

It’s wise to ignore or let go in silence.” She expressed her regret and acknowledged that she should have handled the situation differently. Here is the link to the video where she discussed the issue.

It is worth mentioning that Saba Faisal had previously posted a video on her Instagram for her fans after receiving criticism following Neha Salman’s social media posts. However, she later deleted the video, possibly as a response to the evolving situation.

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