Reham Khan Opens up About First Meeting With Mirza Bilal: Video Goes Viral

Reham Nayyar Khan is a British-Pakistani journalist, author, and filmmaker from Baffa, Pakistan. She is the former wife of Imran Khan, who later became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. People were curious to know who where and how Reham Khan met Mirza Bilal Baig and the couple has now shared their filmy meeting which led to finally their joining together in the Holy Matrimony.

Mirza Bilal Baig shared that they both met at a train station. Reham Khan was waiting for a train and she was carrying her 10 lakh rupee bag with her when some people came there to snatch it. Bilal also coincidentally went there and fought them all off. This turned out to be their first meeting and as they say, the rest is history.

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