Reesham spent Thousands amongst the technicians

Reesham, a brilliant actress and model is not only one of the best showbiz personalities, but is a soft person at heart as well. The lady has made couple of blockbuster movies and also earned immense popularity in Pakistani Drama Industry

Recently on an Iftar Party, She has distributed Eidi amongst the technicians and extra artists. These people are facing the financial difficulties and Reesham has taken that into account, every year Resham arranges funds from different sources for these needy persons.

The lady with the golden heart has spent Rs 5000 per head for each male and Rs 3000 per head for females. She attended an Iftar party at Lahore and distributed the amount over there. Moreover, Reesham also sent clothes and other household equipment to IDPs of North Waziristan worth 3 lac Rupees.


Film actress Reesham Spent 1000s amongst poor technicians and extra artists to help them cope up with their financial difficulties.

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