Red Hot John thinks Priyanka Gandhi is the sexiest woman in India

John Abraham’s ladylove just got a good shock, after learning that her much-loved John thinks Priyanka Gandhi the sexiest woman in India. After all, Bipasha thought it was always her beauty that could knock out John anywhere. Terrible it feels, knowing she isn’t the sexiest Indian woman in his eyes. So, one can predict that perhaps they are losing that love spark, for the reason that John has developed a liking for someone else this time round. But, for real John, where did you get the idea of Priyanka Gandhi being sexy, who is not even by far the sexy category?!

Brawny John, in an interview to a magazine, called the stunning Priyanka Gandhi Vadra “the sexiest woman in India by eons and light years”.

“I love her to death!”Quoting John, he seems to be really taken with d Mrs Gandhi Vadra sophistication and holds the opinion that she is “going to be the real power centre in the future”.

Lets see how Bips has to say about this. Is she losing her taste for John or is it just John being modest about praising Priyanka Gandhi’s

Well seems like John's interest in Bipash might be fading away! Who could have expected that so-much-in-love John would start looking around for other admiring beauties.

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