Ranveer Singh Redo Taher Shah’s Eye To Eye

The awesome Ranveer Singh pulls off a ‘Taher Shah’ as he Dubsmashed ‘Eye to Eye.

Ranveer Singh has surpassed all known levels of crazy in the Bollywood fraternity with his latest Dubsmash video. In this video, Ranveer pays tribute to the "greatest" Pakistani artist known to mankind: Taher Shah.

Taher shah is Pakistani singer who is a businessman by profession and also a dedicated singer who is known worldwide for his music sensation “Eye to Eye".

Ranveer craziness can be seen in a way that he not only lip-synced ‘Eye to Eye’, but also went the extra mile to dress up like Taher Shah in his video.

Ranveer Singh dedicates this beautiful song to none other than Hrithik Roshan. Tears of laughter shall happen.



Ranveer Singh Dubmashed Taher Shahs music sensation Eye to Eye in a much hilarious way.

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