Ranbir Kapoor apologizes for his ‘phailoed’ comment on Alia Bhatt’s weight gain

Ranbir Kapoor, who has been dominating the trends list and for not the right reasons recently, during the promotions of Brahmastra in Chennai, apologized for his comment about his pregnant wife Alia Bhatt that he made recently.

In a video that is now viral, the actor can be heard saying at the film’s promotional event, “Firstly, I love my wife with everything I have in my life. It’s a joke that didn’t turn out to be funny. It wasn’t my intention. I spoke to Alia about it later and she laughed it off. My sense of humor falls flat on my face sometimes. I apologize to those who got offended by it.”

Here’s a little background for those who require one. Last week, during an Instagram Live session, speaking of Brahmastra promotions, Alia Bhatt  said, “We will promote the film, and we will be everywhere but if the question you are asking is why we are not phailoed (as in spread) everywhere, right now our focus is…” Her sentence was interrupted by Ranbir Kapoor, who, pointing at Alia’s baby bump said, “Well I can say somebody has phailoed.” He quickly added that it was a “joke.” The actor received major flak on social media. Many users flagged Ranbir Kapoor’s comment as insensitive.

Here’s the video of Ranbir Kapoor apologizing at the Brahmastra promotional event:

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