Qudsia Ali hits back at body shamers

Actress Qudsia Ali, who presently portrays younger sister Taniya in the critically acclaimed drama Kuch Ankahi, spoke candidly about the harsh beauty standards in the theater business. The actress said that one of the hardest things she had to deal with when she first started in show business was being continually body shamed and told to lose weight in order to succeed on television.

Ali spoke about the difficulties she has had as an actress in this field during her chat with Fuchsia. In my early days, my weight and body type were significant barriers. Every time I went for an audition, they would always advise me to lose weight if I wanted to be on prime-time television, she added.

She continued by saying that she would always hold domestic beauty standards to a higher level and question why this was the case. “If we look at the current, well-watched worldwide programs, they don’t have limitations on skin color, weight, or body type. There, they assess your abilities. But why is it this way here? I would be devastated.

The Khel Khel Mein actress said that she persevered and did not give up. When asked whether she had lost weight during the trip, the actress promptly denied it. “I never made the decision to be in shape for someone else. Being fit and healthy was a choice I made for my personal benefit, not that of my job, my industry, or anybody else.

Several people continue to tell me that my curly hair makes me seem larger than I am on film. To seem thinner, they suggest getting keratin treatments, but nay! Because many individuals in the profession have “curly hair and are cheerful,” she declared, “This is me, this is who I am and what makes me stand out.”

“I am who I am, and if people like me, I’ll obtain a job based on my talents. I am someone who can wait, therefore I’m going to do that,” she remarked. Ali bemoaned the fact that difficulty is a part of her acting profession and lamented how tough the waiting phase is.

Ali also discussed how she often considered dropping all of her weight and having her hair straightened but would be discouraged by the thought that it would not be worth the emotional suffering and strain. I often have these notions, but what is the assurance? Who has guaranteed that I’ll become successful if I lose a lot of weight, have my hair colored and straightened, and do other things? Why then would I take that chance? “, said her.

The actress went on to say that she had also spoken about this with Sajal Aly and Muhammed Ahmed, who both starred in Kuch Ankahi. “Sajal and Ahmed’s sahab has given me similar advice. “Do what brings you joy. They would advise you to not allow others to control your life. So I’m doing what I want now,” she said.

Ali has acted before, most notably in Nadeem Baig’s Khel Khel Mein. Aulaad, Betiyaan, Dil Awaiz, and the most recent Marina Khan, Khushhal Khan, and Saboor Aly starrer, Mushkil, are among the dramas she has worked on.

Watch the complete interview here:

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