Pull up your socks!

Socks are such a funny thing to talk about in fashion. But from a fashion point of view most men are very particular about their socks. It is true that socks are now on the top radar of designers. Besides their exclusive designing, these socks are actually proposed to take care of your feet. Usually, socks are an important part of dressing for men than women but they play an equally important role in both the genders’ lives.

Generally, women consider wearing accessories such as jewelry, leggings, and footwear but not a pair of knee-length socks to create style on their feet. Usually this fashion style has been left to schoolgirls yet adult women can easily wear socks to transform the look of the legs instantly.

Classic shades of black, navy, charcoal, brown and burgundy dominate the fashion in socks, but companies are also responding to the demand for pink, yellow, orange, purple and green colors for socks.

One must be particular to select the right pair of socks with changing season and comfort. Men should understand that it is not something to overlook in a wardrobe. While buying socks, you should always keep in your mind that what color dominates your wardrobe or which suit you are going to wear. Light shade socks suit well with light colored clothes and dark color socks go well with bright outfits. Usually, white color socks are acceptable with jeans and casuals like that, whereas black, brown, and blue socks, undoubtedly, go with the formals.

Socks are the new focus of fashion and the variety in it is ever increasing.

Socks are the new focus of fashion and the variety in it is ever increasing.

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