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A group of friends in their respective university visited their cafeteria, and found it quite interesting as there were lovers everywhere, one of the guys was looking deeply in to the eyes of her love mate whereas, one of the guy was holding her girlfriend’s hand fondly. Being teenagers, this group of friends went to disturb each and every couple one by one playing different pranks on them.

They literally dropped a fake lizard in between one of the pair, and the girl jumped in to the arms of her beloved, resulting in a roar of laughter around them, due to which they got a bit embarrassed. However, the boy got up and gave them a soft look shaking hands and wishing them promise day.

They inquired about it, and got to know that as the valentine’s week approaches, each day is given a specific name, such as 11th February is the Promise day. Listening to his deep elaboration regarding promise day, they were tempted to make funny promises and said that they will continue to tease cute couple always.

However, if taken seriously these days are of immense prominence for the ones who have someone special in their lives, and want to have them until death. Therefore, the whole week of Valentine’s Day is celebrated with zeal and zest throughout the world, making strong promises to continue their bond of harmony and affection to the last breath.

Significance of a Promise

promise day

People are always making little promises in their lives, at times they are promising themselves to behave well, chubby girls are always uttering themselves to eat less and do not put on extra weight although majority doesn’t follow, sometimes when people want to put things in the right order they make promises to do certain things, likewise people make promises to their friends, parents, neighbors, and the list goes on. However, this aspect of making promises is common over the whole world, but keeping up the promises you have made is one thing which is important. This attitude of standing with the words you have uttered requires great will power, and dignity, as every time the luck may betray you.

Strengthening a Love Bond via Promises

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You must have noticed the couples fighting from a bedroom to almost every part of the Globe, pointing out the issue of broken promises among them. This can be a very sensitive subject if one of the partners doesn’t stays up with whatever he/she says, and the other person is burning the midnight oil just to keep the relationship going. Thus, do make wise decision in your lives every time and whatever you say just stand beside it at any expense, in order to maintain a healthy relation during your life.

Gifts and Prayers for the Loved Ones

valentines day

Presents always have the optimum value in each and every bond, whether it’s between couples, or among the children and parents, or else amongst a brother and a sister. The gifts are the easiest way to remove any harsh feeling in any relation, likewise over Promise day millions of pairs indulge in to shopping the most favorite stuff for their beloved. Some of the girls buy luxurious perfumes, classy t-shirts and exclusive watches

On the other hand, the guys are busy shopping desired dresses, jewelry, shoes, bouquets and friendship bracelets for their wives or girlfriends. Friendship bracelets or bands are quite common among the friends as well who wish to continue a smooth relationship and ties up a friendship band to let the other person know how much you care for them, and as a consequence you are ready to make promises of living together, loving each other and making the world a respectable spot to live for each other.

Some people are very special in your life, and you never want them to be depressed, so keep up the virtuous spirit and hold onto finding special occasions in order to give surprises, dinners, presents and special hugs and kisses. Make sensible promises and follow them up at all times, developing the most durable and trustworthy relationships all your life. 

Most important day before valentine day. Make a promise to be loyal!

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