Priyanka Chopra Reveals The REAL Reason Why She Moved to Hollywood

By all accounts, Priyanka Chopra is a worldwide celebrity. After becoming the best starring actress in Bollywood, Chopra traveled to Hollywood and helped popularise India on a global scale. The star is now speaking up about the true motivation behind her decision to leave Bollywood and seek her fortune in the west. When Priyanka confessed she was being surrounded by certain business associates, her manager Anjula Acharia stepped in to save the day.

Acharia saw Priyanka’s potential for success in the West after seeing her in a music video. She phoned Priyanka and enquired about her interest in pursuing a music career in the US. Priyanka was at first apprehensive, but she ultimately decided to look into career prospects in Hollywood.

I was being forced into a corner in the industry, Priyanka said during an interview with Dax Shepherd on his show Armchair Expert (Bollywood). People weren’t casting me, I had conflicts with people, and since I’m not very good at the game, I was kind of sick of politics and declared that I needed a break.

(Photo Credit: Armchairexpertpod)

“This music thing provided me the chance to move into another part of the globe, not thirst for the movies I didn’t want to buy, but I would demand to schmooze specific clubs and cliques of people,” she continued. I had already put in a lot of time working, so I didn’t feel like I wanted to make a show of groveling.

With the 2015 debut of the television program Quantico, Priyanka got her big break in Hollywood. In the show, she portrayed FBI agent Alex Parrish, the main character. Due to the enormous success of Quantico, Priyanka gained widespread praise and a sizable fan base in the US. She is now preparing for Citadel by the Russo Brothers to hit theatres.

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