Prince Charles At Risk Of Not Being Crowned As King After Being Linked To Princess Diana’s Death


Prince Charles is allegedly at risk of not being crowned as king after he’s once again dragged into Princess Diana’s death.

In its July 5 issue, Star claimed that Prince Charles making headlines in relation to his ex-wife’s death is not a good look for the future king. Years ago, Princess Diana wrote a letter to her royal butler, Paul Burrell about her ex-husband plotting to murder her. In Princess Diana’s letter, she said that Prince Charles will do something to the brakes of her car to make it seem like an accident. Two years later, the Princess of Wales passed away following a car accident in Paris. In the same year, the head of Scotland Yard reportedly questioned Prince Charles regarding his possible involvement in his ex-wife’s accident. Now, a source for the tabloid claimed that the reports about Prince Charles being questioned couldn’t have come at a worse time. “Charles is denying the allegations, he always has. But the timing of having the details resurface now couldn’t be worse as he prepares to become king. The accusations against him are some of the most shameful and disturbing in royal history,” the source said. The insider also claimed that Prince Charles is in panic after learning that his interrogation from years ago has been making headlines. After all, he and the royal family have kept this a secret from the public for years. “He’s very shaken up and has a dozen attorneys available to handle any legal question. At the time of the initial probe, he was outraged and disgusted that as the future King of England he was being investigated. Now, he’s worried more people will come out of the woodwork alleging he was involved in Diana’s death. It could really spiral,” the source said. As of late, Prince Charles has not spoken up about the matter. So, no one knows for sure how he feels about it. There is also no indication that Prince Charles is panicking over the current headlines regarding his involvement in Princess Diana’s death. After all, he has not been convicted for anything. And his ex-wife’s death is still believed to have been an accident. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were already divorced when the accident happened. But prior to this, the exes had a very tumultuous relationship. Princess Diana also found out that Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla.

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