This Picture of Ayesha Omar is Going Viral For All the Wrong Reasons

The Khoobsurat actress has been widely known for her role in the comical drama “Bulbulay” by every other family member in Pakistan. She started her career as a VJ and has tremendously excelled in every job she gets.

However, the social media is often judgmental when it comes to Ayesha’s dressing sense. While some still love her for her skills and works, a few others are offended with her “revealing” dressing.


So I’m a day late..?...but yesterday was spent recovering, reflecting, packing and recooperating...2017, I’ve been more than ready to say bye to you, you’ve been bittersweet with the usual meanderings but more tough than I could’ve imagined...however, looking back, I’m grateful to you for all the trials, lessons and breakdowns...I promise to learn from all that you threw my way, all that you tested me with, and move forward with faith in the unseen and unknown, faith in things falling into place the way they were meant to, faith in myself and my ability to evolve and change into a better, kinder more forgiving human, to treat myself and all those around me with love, faith in being better at getting up each day with gratitude even when I feel like hiding in bed... and for my fans and friends: I love you all more and more with each passing month and year...I’m deeply grateful and hugely indebted to each and every one of you, for all the love, support, appreciation and criticism that makes me who I am and want to be a better person.... I promise not to disappoint you guys...I hope to do it less this year... and now off to Lahore, to get some love and to welcome 2018 with my nearest, dearest and most loved ones.... Love always ✌️ #ayeshaomar #hello2018

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Even though Ayesha Omar has never looked more gorgeous, social media can be brutal. Similarly, even this time they have not left the actress without an opinion of their own on this picture.

Although she is covered from top to bottom with stylish teared jeans, but some people think that fashion is haraam. Here’s one who is actually calling the character “Mehmood” from Bulbulay drama to come and handle his “bahu”.

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