Pakistani Americans Aladdin Magic Carpet Video Goes Viral

A Pakistani American made headlines after a video he posted of himself dressed up as Aladdin for Halloween on a hover board as a magic carpet went viral. The video shows 22-year-old Masood Khan floating around and casually cruising through traffic while dressed up as the Disney character.

Khan, who became an overnight celebrity after his video looped over 34 million times on Vine, a video-sharing service, spoke to Saudi Gazette from his current home in Chicago.

Khan said he was happy that he was able to come up with a creative Halloween costume to the delight of people all over the world.

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"I woke up and decided to go out with my Aladdin outfit for a day with my magic hover carpet board. I dressed up as Alaaddin and draped a rug over a hover board, creating my own ‘magic carpet.’ As any normal person would do, I floated around town, took the main roads to get to Walmart and then I got hungry so I took a trip to get some McDonalds,” he said.

After uploading his video on Vine, he said he was stunned with the reactions he got in just a few minutes. Many social media users crowned Khan “The Real Winner of Halloween” with users praising him for his originality.

Khan said he hopes to share and educate his knowledge with other Muslims to do positive things with social media. He asked his social media followers to assist him in a global drive to collect winter coats for Syrian refugees.

Khan said he has a great desire to visit Makkah and Madinah and perform Hajj and Umrah. He also said he wants to meet with the youth of the Middle East.

Proudly speaking about his son, Mohammed Adil Khan Qasmi said, “I am very proud of my son. He has done a beautiful thing. Being viewed more than 34 million times in a few days… you couldn’t wish for that kind of attention. It was really a brilliant idea.”

Pakistani-American Aladdin magic carpet video… by fashioncentralpk

A video of a Pakistani American dressed up as Aladdin for Halloween on a hover board as a magic carpet went viral.

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