Organic Sheesha Launch at AK’s Lounge

For the first time in Pakistan Organic Sheesha has been introduced. Pakistan is a country with a lot of sheesha lounges as it is a common hangout for the youth in Pakistan. Harmful or not that is another debate. These days international food chains are becoming very common and popular not only food chains but many cafes and restaurants have also introduced high quality international food products. Annie Khalid who is famous pop singer in Pakistan has her own Sheesha lounge where she has recently introduced international organic Sheesha.

Annie Khalid arranged a press conference at her Sheesha Lounge for the launch of international organic Sheesha. Her father Dr. Khalid headed the table and told the media about the details of organic Sheesha. Dr. Khalid said that the best quality of this Sheesha is that it is 100% organic. It does not contain nicotine or carbon mono oxide which is harmful for health. It is also free of tar and any burning process that can be harmful for health. In US and Europe indoor smoking is prohibited but only this Sheesha is allowed since it is not dangerous at all.

Annie said that even the flavor of the Sheesha is 100% organic. The flavor is even edible which means it is fresh and not bad for health at all. She said it is great initiative since it the first international organic sheesha introduced and the society should be aware of the wellbeing of people. She also said that since most of the Sheesha smokers are youngsters it is really important for the Sheesha to be organic. Even the under 18 kids can smoke it who otherwise have a ban on.

The entire world is going to organic when it comes to food. Most of the people prefer organic foods because they are healthier, that’s another thing that they are expensive too. In Pakistan every day new international food chains are witnessed.

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