Om Puri and wife Nandita Opt for Judicial Separation

Om Puri a veteran Bollywood actor and his wife Nandita have chosen the option of judicial separation after having remained together as a married couple for 26 years.

The breakup is indeed interesting. A biography of the actor turned out to be the cause of relations becoming sour and ugly and the result was living separately away from each other. In this regard the court order that came last week gave Om Puri visiting rights to interact and see his 18 years old son Ishaan. “Basically it was a clash of our sensibilities. This happens with people so there is nothing unusual in it. Nandita and I are supposed to talk only regarding Ishaan’s education and welfare,” Puri said.

Regarding the case Om Puri’s lawyer Jalaja Nambiar stated that the couple will not be divorcing. Mr Om Puri considered the option of a totalled divorce but then the matter became an issue and the factors were a little uncontrollable. Om Puri showed better sense and decided to give up the option of divorce and accepted judicial separation. The couple will live separate lives and not interfere in each other’s matters.

In this regards Nandita had submitted an application for a divorce citing domestic violence as a reason. No doubt she appeared more positive. “There were no terms. Everything happened peacefully. We are living separately till we get back. We have withdrawn all the cases against each other,” she said. When asked whether she was hopeful about getting back, she said, “I don’t know.”

It was the publication of the biography unlikely hero: The Story of Om Puri by Nandita which led to unpleasant happenings, as Om Puri felt that she had been extremely disrespectful in exposing is past relationships.

After 26 years of marriage, Bollywood actor Om Puri separates from Nandita Puri.

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