Nida Yasir used lip fillers, Fans Think She Had Lip Surgery

Nida Pasha, better known as Nida Yasir, is a Pakistani television host, former actress, and model known for her role as Saima in the television drama Hum Tum. She also hosts the morning television show Good Morning Pakistan at ARY Digital.

Nida Yasir
(PIC: Nida Yasir/ Instagram)

The host is now a day posting new pictures on her Instagram. Fans, then, identified her newly done lip fillers, fans also said that she’s also having an additionally overdone lip outline which is making her even more horrible.

They said that Nida should not take the help of fillers and makeup as she’s already naturally beautiful. Fans also called her “Botox Ki Dukan”.

In her recent pictures, she has used nude lipstick shades along with an overly done lip line. Here are a few of her pictures from the Ramadan show Shaan E Suhoor. Fans also schooled actresses on wrongly done lip makeup.

(PIC: Nida Yasir/ Instagram)
(PIC: Nida Yasir/ Instagram)
(PIC: Nida Yasir/ Instagram)

Here are the comments in which the actress faced backlash.

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