Nayna talks Exclusively to Fashion Central

FC: While Nayna is a privately owned company, Saman Arif represents the creative expression of the product line. Tell us how the relationship works?

Nayna: one of the reasons behind our success has been the ability for the partners to not interfere in each other’s work this allows us to focus on each other’s core competency. Therefore, we have fixed job descriptions and hence accountability prevails.

FC: How are the elements of contemporary fashion combined with the requirements of today’s customer?

Nayna: Today’s customer is well informed and as we all know knowledge is power. Unfortunately, we do not know how to use this power. The audience may know it all and see it all, but not all trends suits ones body type. This is where the designer steps in to not only guide but to create a look or a cut suitable for today’s modern women.

FC: Please spell out how Nayna enhances the value of services to the customer so as to make them outstanding?

Nayna: a) On time delivery
b) quality products

we go that extra mile. we are happy with the scale of our business, so long as can continue to excel on these 3 parameters.

FC: Kindly explain the concept of fusion of professional management with designing?

Nayna: This is one of reasons we have been so successful the business aspect is looked after by an MBA from LUMS while the creative is a graduate from PIFD, the two most premier institutions for the respective fields.

FC: Do you recognize and value the abilities of the local craftsmen and do they add value to the brand and its products?

Nayna: Our products are all made by our local craftsmen and hence we are where we are because of our team. We have a great team of workers, and one of our claims to fame is our super low, single digit, turnover. We have a loyal team.

FC: You have been a part of many fashion shows. Tell us the impact of participation in these fashion shows on your brand?

Nayna: Our focus has been on multi designer shows for international events. For example, we participated at Mauritius fashion week, in Paris, in London and all the major fashion hubs. Although we are a member of respected fashion councils in Pakistan, we strongly feel that we do more justice to the brand by hosting solo shows on a yearly basis.

This not only allows us to show off our collections, but also give us an opportunity to engage and appreciate our valued customers. we have a huge edge in terms of the fact that our sister company KlockWork ( is one of the leading event management firm in Pakistan and hence we are able to arrange our own solo shows. Once again Nayna focus is on the clothes while KlockWork deals with all the other event related issues.

FC: Any difficulties that you faced by associating with technology?

Nayna: We are extremely excited with this fusion of 3D technology with fashion. Despite being the first company in Pakistan to do this, we are still at least 5 years behind compared with international companies. so we have a lot to learn and a lot to do!

FC: Some reflections on your plans for the next three years?

Nayna: More international shows, more solo shows locally, and more international franchises.

Famous fashion brand Nayna believes in on time delivery and quality products to keep customers satisfied.

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