Naimal Khawar Faces Criticism for Alleged Plastic Surgery

Social media users have harshly criticized Pakistani actress Naimal Khawar, Hamza Ali Abbasi‘s wife, amid allegations that she has had plastic surgery.

Netizens recently initiated a wave of commentary on her Instagram photos, suggesting that the actress’s appearance has changed drastically due to facial surgery, including rhinoplasty and lip enhancements.

Fans began drawing comparisons between Khawar and model Sara Loren, also known as Pakistani Mona Liza.

Numerous social media users expressed their belief that Khawar had “compromised her natural beauty” by opting for plastic surgery and lip fillers.

Speculation arose that Hamza’s sister, Dr. Fazeela Abbasi โ€” a renowned celebrity dermatologist and skin specialist โ€” had conducted the surgery on Khawar’s face.

However, others defended Khawar, stating that her physical choices were personal and urged critics to refrain from intruding.

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