Nadia Khan’s SHOCKING Revelation: Meera Asked Me to Make “SCANDAL” for her

The actress made herself known as the famous actress of the past and Miss English. Every day, by making such English words, Meera Ji made a joke of herself which she never regretted. Then when it comes to my GK scandals, they are numerous. Sometimes marriage scandal, sometimes divorce, and sometimes going to an insane asylum.

But nowadays, a clip of actress Nadia Khan is going very viral in which she says in an interview on Fiza Ali's show: "Once someone was hosting a show, then singer Ali Zafar's performance Suddenly,

I asked myself which is the best and most successful guy running nowadays, who is this? I replied that he is Ali Zafar, he is good, his songs are very famous. '' To which Meera urged me 3 times and said:

"Nadia, make a scandal with her, hurry up, go and announce, every time I said yes, I will go now, I did not go because The performance was going on, in that time I got up and left and started talking to Ali Zafar. ''

In the said show, Fiza Ali had told Nadia what happened when she came for my show, but she got out of the set and went back with a commotion. To which Nadia said:

For the first time in my life, I saw a guest standing outside the show saying, "Why am I here? I didn't have to come here." While Meera was called from another city after paying regular compensation and contacting her manager, she came and said who I am, why I am, I didn't have to come here. ''

He added: "The most important thing is that whenever I meet myself, I feel as if I have met him for the first time. I have always met him, but sometimes I do not recognize him." Refuses. "

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