Moon Textiles Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

1. How did Moon Textiles originate ?

We have been in printing business for more than four decades now and it was the growing number of distributors, retailers and thus our consumers throughout the country that resulted in Moon Textiles origination.

2. What made you decide to open up a Textile company ?

It has been the business of our forefathers and it was their wisdom that became a strong foundation for us to start a textile company.

3. Who was your competitor at the time when you first introduced your launch ?

There was hardly any competition at the time of launch. However, we did not worry too much about this consideration and gradually we made our place in the market through quality products. This aspect was much appreciated by our consumers and they kept asking for more.

4. Explain what you mean by the statement ‘We bring art to Life’ ?

Textile designing is an art that is worn over and we believe that women prefer quality in their fabrics and they look for designs that can reflect their personality. Moon Textiles is all focused upon making designs that are trendy and full of life.

5. After spending almost three decades in the fashion world do you feel the company has accomplished what it set out to do ?

Alhamdulillah, we are proud to say that at Moon Textile we prefer quality over anything else and in doing that customer satisfaction has been the primary aim. In the beginning, it was ‘Sohni Lawn’ that captured the market with its quality and designing and then came our most popular brand, ‘Barkha Lawn’ that gave us a whole new dimension to grow even further.

6. The fashion industry has seen a boom in the last few years. How do you feel about it ?

The recent boom in the fashion industry has set the fabric design free. It gives us great comfort that we can now actually print designs to our full potential without any fears.

7. As a prominent figure in the fashion industry, what will be the trends you think that people should look forward to in 2013 ?

Printing industry, throughout the world, is heading towards more arty, trendy and digital designing. People should look out for more unconventional printing styles.

8. What is your product range ?

Our products have always focused on the main stream consumers, nationally and internationally. We prefer to deliver quality and style at a very affordable price, our range has that to offer, from plain lawn prints to exclusively embroidered swiss voile.

9. Tell us about your newest Lawn Line: Digital Lawn.

‘Moon Digital’ is our latest product to be introduced in the market this year. It is trendy, edgy, arty and printed on swiss voile by the most expensive apparatus available to date.

10. Where does Moon Textile see itself in the next 5 years ?

We are striving very hard to give our customers maximum satisfaction and in doing that we seek Guidance from Almighty to give us strength to meet customer needs and thereby become the top most selling brand of Pakistan.

11. What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the industry ?

We would encourage newcomers to be modest and deliver quality not the name, be more affordable, since that has been our greatest strength.

12. What is the target audience for your collections ?

Mainstream population for everyday and party wear.

13. With so many fashion designers coming up every now and then, how is Moon Textile as a label different from others ?

At Moon Textile we emphasize on quality and affordability and we think that is something some of the new designers are missing. Emphasis should be on the quality and customer satisfaction not on the branding. 

14. Describe the Moon Textile woman ?

Moon Textile woman is proud, confident, unique and satisfied.

Famous brand Moon Textile now reveals the theme behind launching stunning summer and winter collections for women, in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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