Monsoon and your fashion trends!!

When we think of raining, its jal thal, the cool breeze and the wet environment then a single word comes in to our mind it’s the season of monsoon. Yes, the season which has lots of water fun and the chill splash! But are you ready to enjoy it to the fullest? Off course you are. Follow the fashion tips below and avail the enjoyable rainy moments of the monsoon.

The selection of fabric
As you know that each season has couple of preferable fabrics to be worn. Like you would prefer wool and marina and lailan fabric cloths in winters and cotton and light fabric are used in summers. In the same way pick any fabric which should be non transparent and easy to get dry. Cotton is one of those fabrics which can fulfill all the above requirements. It dries easily and do not stick to body when it’s wet, which makes it more comfortable in the rain. Use cotton and similar fabrics which you think can be your best comfort companion in the Monsoon.

The colors
You can use any type of color in your dresses for monsoon season, but if you pick up the dark colors then it can enhance your charisma in this wet season. Dark colors make you prominent and enhance your fair complexion and above all, when it’s raining, they double your charm! So, all young pals open up your closet and pick up the dark colored outfits for this cool season of monsoon.

U for Umbrella!! Pick it
Off course we are not making you the Charlie Chaplin but yeah we are caring for you. Before going out surely take an umbrella with you. You will amaze to know that Umbrella not only saves you from getting wet but it also increases your style. There are many trendy umbrellas available in market, from too girly ones to rough and tough military boyish ones. Pick up the color and design of umbrella which suites your personality and the outfit you are wearing. We are sure that it will make you the one stylish diva amidst the falling drops of monsoon rains.

Don’t forget your makeup!

We the ladies can’t spear make up no matter what happens. You can put your that passion in monsoon too. A complete set of water proof makeup is available in markets which are just for monsoon seasons. The benefit of water proof make up includes your glowing skin, the smoky sexy eyes and the red lips in the rain and we bet it will not wash out. Include a good brand of water proof makeup in your make up range and enjoy monsoon in style.

Monsoon is the rainy season. We all love it, but can we make it more comfortable and beautiful by fashion trends and accessories? Know it by reading a few good to remember fashion trends of monsoon. So here we go!!

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