“Bado Badi” Model Regrets Working with Chahat Fateh Ali

Model Wajdan Rao, who starred in Chahat Fateh Ali’s new song “Bado Badi,” has expressed regret about working with him. Wajdan addressed rumors surrounding her and the supposed leaked videos, sharing her experience after the music video skyrocketed in popularity. Despite the video’s success, Wajdan faced significant challenges and clarified in a detailed statement that the circulating images were shared by her without any malicious intent.

In an interview, Wajdan Rao cleared up the misconceptions surrounding her involvement in the “Bado Badi” music video. She revealed that she had no idea how viral the video would become and saw it as an interesting activity to participate in. Wajdan emphasized that her relationship with Chahat Fateh Ali is purely professional and akin to a father-daughter dynamic.

However, Wajdan now fully regrets working with Chahat, calling it perhaps her biggest mistake. Following the project, she began receiving degrading comments and public scrutiny. She even urged renowned singers like Atif Aslam to speak out against Chahat Fateh Ali, expressing her discontent with how she has been treated post-release.

In response to Wajdan’s statements, fans of Chahat Fateh Ali have rallied to defend him. They were quick to counter the model’s claims, arguing that Chahat is being wrongfully accused and derailed for things he hasn’t done. Fans highlighted that Wajdan owes her newfound fame and popularity to Chahat Fateh Ali and criticized her for turning against him after gaining recognition.

The online community gathered in the comment sections to support Chahat, pointing out that Wajdan’s current stance is unfair given the opportunities she received through the project. They believe that she is unjustly trying to distance herself from the very source of her fame.

As of now, Chahat Fateh Ali has yet to address the statements made by Wajdan Rao. It remains to be seen how he will respond to the controversy. The situation has highlighted the complexities and challenges that can arise in the entertainment industry, especially when a project gains unexpected attention and scrutiny.

While Wajdan Rao regrets her decision to work with Chahat Fateh Ali, his fans remain steadfast in their support for the singer. The unfolding drama underscores the importance of clear communication and mutual respect in professional collaborations, and the entertainment world waits to see how Chahat will navigate this turbulent situation.

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