Miss Pakistan World 2012

August 24th 2012 – Miss Pakistan World 2012 ended with the crowning of Zainab Naveed – a 25 year old beauty from New York. Donning the glittering crown, Miss Naveed gleamed as she beat a total of 10 contestants to grab the much coveted Miss Pakistan World 2012 title.

While Naveed stole the show with her impressive performance, talent and beauty, Sabiha Zahid (Britian), Zulaikha Khan (Canada) and Mariam Zahid (Vancouver) secured the second, third and fourth runner-up positions. The overall event ended with the following winners:

  • Miss Congeniality – Mariam Dawood (North Carolina)
  • Miss Popularity – Parmal Naseer (Canada)
  • Miss perfect – Mariam Ali Khan (Copenhagen)
  • Miss Talent – Maria Mughal (Auckland)
  • Miss Photogenic – Sabiha Zahid (London)

Alongside ladies, Shan Virk (Toronto) was crowned Mr. Pakistan World 2012. Other titles and their winners include:

  • Second runner-up – Ali Haider Shah (Copenhagen)
  • Third runner-up – Sharjeel Arif Butt (Toronto)
  • Mr. Perfect – Shan Virk
  • Mr. Photogenic – Ahamd Saleem (Mississauga)
  • Mr. Popularity Sharjeel Ali Butt (Mississauga)
  • Mr. Personality – Ali Haider Shah (Copenhagen)

Sonia Ahmed – president Miss Pakistan World – looked overwhelmed as she thanked the participants and sponsors on making the pageant a success.

“It was a difficult year, but we pulled it through. I have done it for 10 years despite all the difficulties and hope to do it for 25-30 more years.”

Despite stirring controversy in its initial years of launch, Miss Pakistan World has successfully trekked the pageant course for past 10 years. 2012 witnessed the 10th successful anniversary with an ever-increasing popularity. Sonia Ahmad was inundated with applications from not just Pakistan or Canada but from Europe, America, Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australia as well. Sonia is confident that as long as there are Pakistani expats around the world who do not shy away from promoting Pakistan whenever the opportunity arrives, her pageant will continue to rock or even soar.

Miss Pakistan World is growing strong as was witnessed by more than 600 audience and sponsors. The talented Faiza Zafar from ‘Morning Masti with Faiza’ and the famous event organizer Ahmed Nizam brought life and appeal to the event. The show-stealer, apart from the pretty damsels, was none other than the famous heartthrob Ali Zafar. Diya Mirza from India honored the evening with her appearance in the after-party of the event. The review of the event will be incomplete without the mention of Changezi – professional Katha and Bally performer from Balochistan. Changezi livened up the evening with his kathak skills synced to Lollywood tunes.

The overall feel of the event was very Lollywoodish. There were old and classic songs from Lollywood cinema. Performances in the talent round were awe-inspiring with all the contestants flaunting their belly dancing, sword dancing and Tahitian dancing on Urdu and Punjabi music of purely Pakistani origin.

The event – which was a blend of luscious food, quality entertainment and wonderful ambiance – ended with a fact that Sonia Ahmed has given Pakistan a strong pageant industry, something that has been unheard-of until now.

The prestigious event of Miss Pakistan World 2012 ended by crowning Zainab Naveed, a 25 year old beauty from New York who considers the victory as her dream comes true.

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