Micro Trends; Plastic Fantastic

Micro trends are business and economic trends that are associated with specific sectors of the marketplace and tend to involve only a small percentage of the activity or movement that is occurring .Sometimes limited to an impact in a given geographical location ,the influence  of  micro trends on the overall economy is rather indirect than direct. While subtle and sometime unnoticed, trends of this type can exert an impact that is experienced long after those trends have subsided. The same general concept of micro trends may develop in other industries. Fashion designs that are successful with consumers within a certain age may begin in a local market and gradually begin to capture the attention of the people in the same age brackets. Many micro trends have evolved in Pakistan in the past many years.

• Fashion Industry:

One of the commonly seen is the micro trend: Plastic fantastic. This trend has made its place in many industries of Pakistan. Micro trend: Plastic fantastic has hit the fashion industry of Pakistan like a wild storm. We may see micro trend: Plastic fantastic widely in our fashion accessories.

•  Fashion Accessories

Another micro trend: Plastic fantastic is the emerging use of cuff or wrist bands. The most commonly used of these bands are made of clear plastic in bright as well as neon colors. Previously plastics were mostly used in kitchen utensils and had no place in the fashion world. But nowadays these plastics cuffs or wrist bands are quite popular especially among the teenagers of Pakistan.

The use of big, bold and brightly colored plastic earning is also a result of the micro trend: Plastic fantastic. These trends have indirectly given a good boast to plastics industry of Pakistan.    The micro trend: Plastic fantastic is observed in the manufacturing of sunglasses. Many years back most of the branded sunglasses had metal frames incorporated with them. But nowadays the micro trend: Plastic fantastic has evolved and the sunglasses have the most well finished plastic frames which appear to be more like glass

• Shoes

Other micro trends: Plastic fantastic in seen in our shoes. A chunky block heel made up purely of high quality of plastic in very much in demand these days. The micro trend: Plastic fantastic has also appeared in peep toe shoes, which are very much in fashion nowadays. The micro trend: Plastic fantastic has penetrated in the fashion scene very slowly and gradually

• Handbags

The micro trend Plastic fantastic has also been wittenessed in the making of handbags. Years back they were made purely of leather or different forms of fabric but nowadays due to the micro trend: Plastic fantastic we can see the fusion of plastic handles in our leather handbags. Plastic of very fine quality is seen to be used by many international brands like Prada. Plastic is no more considered as a cheap material these days as it available in a wide variety of qualities but most important this micro trend: Plastic fantastic has evolved slowly and gradually in many years.

• Household items

The micro trend: Plastic fantastic is also seen to take place in our household items as crockery. Only the middles class people used plastic utensils in their homes but it is seen that good quality plastic is used not only by the middle class but is seen in houses of people belonging to all type of statuses. Glass jars are replaced by replaced by fine quality plastic jars. In fact they are more preferred as they are unbreakable and they even look quite presentable as well.

The micro trend; Plastic fantastic was very much common in the western countries like USA, UK and many other countries like Japan and China. But over the years the micro trend: Plastic fantastic has penetrated in the lives of Pakistani consumers, thus giving a good boom to the Pakistan’s plastic industry.

Micro trends are basically very minor trends of the any marketplace but over some period of time they influence the economy of the country in an indirect way. Many micro trends have evolved in Pakistan among them the micro trend: Plastic fantastic seem to

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