Mehndi Designs

The art of Mehndi designs have existed for centuries. The Mehndi designs are a part of Bridal Makeup in Pakistan & India. No Pakistani wedding is ever complete without the Mehndi designs. Whichever part of the country the bride may be from; her hands are adorned with the lovely red hue of the mehndi designs.
Mehndi designs have broken free of the traditional wedding, Eid days and are being applied for other formal and hip occasions. In its new avatar, mehndi designs have been elevated to the status of body art and a fashion accessory for the fashion-conscious youngsters of today.

Beauty parlors have particular bridal mehndi design packages nowadays; the brides now have a choice between the Pakistani mehndi design and the Arabic mehndi design. Pakistani mehndi designs are known for their detailed and fine fill-ins. These mehndi designs are famous for being modeled by Pakistani brides, as well as close female family members and friends. Delicate and intricate Rajasthani mehndi designs have been a traditional favorite, too. A full hand Mehndi design, either palm or back with the help of henna paste looks trendy, as well. Most traditional mehndi designs are based on very simple shapes – circles, triangles and lines are the most basic. These shapes can be combined to create a very intricate pattern and a very beautiful mehndi design on the palm. Tiny crystal granules are also used to embellish mehndi designs giving a rich effect.

Actress Demi Moore was among the first celebrities to be seen wearing mehndi designs on different body parts. From Madonna and Naomi Campbell to Drew Barrymore, the list of famous names smitten with mehndi design magic is ever increasing.

For best results of color in order to enhance the mehndi designs, mehdi should be applied two days before the occasion especially in case of marriages as it takes two days for the color to develop into its complete richness, preferably do not wet the hands for the two days, this tip will help you get the best color of your mehndi designs.

Mehndi designs have become a big part of fashion not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Mehndi is a good body decoration which enhancing your outlook and a good mehndi design is always appreciated by the people.

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