Maya Khan Became Emotional During A Live Show, As Shown In This Video

The name is Maya Khan has long been recognized in the field. She has performed in several live performances in addition to acting in plays. She began her career in radio and worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming one of the best presenters for morning programs and Ramadan broadcasts. She has been employed since she was a very small child, but for a few years, she abruptly disappeared from the screens.

Maya Khan has recently returned to acting, and she has undergone a bodily change. Although Maya has dropped a lot of weight and is now hosting and anchoring, what she really wants to do is perform in dramas and resume her normal life. She previously disclosed that her career took a turn for the worst as everyone tried to discredit her and, concurrently, she was going through a difficult divorce. She had a health condition herself at that time, and she also lost her brother to cancer.

When Nida Yasir described how much Maya Khan was adored by her fans, Maya Khan, a guest on Shan e Suhoor, broke down in tears. She said that Nida’s hand had previously been kissed by a lady after she had shaken hands with Maya Khan. After experiencing so much suffering in her life, Maya Khan became moved by this reminder of the affection from her followers and broke down in tears during the live broadcast.

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