Mawra Hocane’s Open Letter To Shaan Shahid

Pakistani super star Shaan Shahid who is very well-known for his position that is patriotic stance and refused many offers from bollywood because it is his aim that one day he will make Indians work in Pakistani films instead of Pakistanis going there never compromises on patriotism.

This is the reason that when Shaan hears Pakistani stars supporting India especially when their support is damaging Pakistan in any way he always reacts. Shaan called actors who work in C grade films in bollywood cheap sell outs few months back and now when Mawra Hocane supported the saif’s film Phantom he asked for a ban on Mawra. The public has greatly supported Shaan Shahid because they also feel that Mawra’s tweets were damaging to the Pakistani stance on the movie.

Actress Mawra Hocane decided to write an open letter to “Shaan Shahid” and all her fans in which she described why she tweeted on those lines saying, “My tweets were out of utter ignorance for I had not seen the trailer neither was I aware of the sensitivity of the matter back home for I’ve been shooting out of country days and nights, unfortunately not keeping a track on what all Mr Shan had already tweeted on the matter. “

Mawra Hocane stated that her claims have been altered. “However I’d also like to share that I’m extremely hurt & shocked for I don’t expect someone as wise as Shan shahid to manipulate my statements of supporting peace & love into “supporting phantom” (the words I never Used). “

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She also criticized Waar Actor for his wrong approach towards young actors saying, “Honestly I’m only just a kid infront of the 55 year old Shan shahid instead of taking pride in bashing kids less than half his age he should become a mentor and try and fix things for us, if we make mistakes.”

Mawra also said that Shaan Shahid had no right to bash those Pakistanis who were working in India because they were working very hard to earn love and respect there. “We work so hard to achieve the love & respect in our people’s hearts and he always attempts to ruin it for everyone in a jiffy. Be it me, Ali Zafar , Fawad khan or Someone as legendary as Javed Shiekh. He has always bashed everyone who’s “stepped in India”. It’s about time he realise that it’s not a piece of cake for me to be working in media, to be leaving my country and going to India alone in pursuit of my dream in the age of 22. It’s at the cost of endless hard work and sleepless days and nights and it takes a big heart to take all these decisions and he certainly has no right to just sit home and bash us all publicly, be it on a social media forum or an award show,” wrote the actress.

For responding how they did simply because they were based on her just responding towards the incorrect info which was given for them by Shahid Mawra doesn’t blame her followers. She wrote, ” I’ve no complaints to my fans as they reacted to what they were fed.”

She continued to express that she’ll not allow for spending so much time like she usually does her stops. “Sir, Art is subjective and boundless, however quickly coming back to the topic, Hating others cant make you more a patriot, My heart goes out for my country I do everything in my power to become a better citizen of my Pakistan and I absolutely and dearly love it, you’ve no right to judge me and make a statement about me being any less patriotic for again bashing me won’t make you anymore a patriot. You know what Mr Shan shahid I will still rise every morning, work as hard, still pursue my dream, still go after what I’d like to achieve and still keep my head high. I don’t need to love/like people like you to be a patriot. My love for my country and my people doesn’t need your approval.“

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Mawra also suggested that Shaan Shahid was biased against females and Pakistani superstars who worked in India. “If My words were (unintentionally) hurtful then yes I will apologise to my own people for they’ve loved me through my good times and bad but I will certainly not be answerable to someone like you who doesn’t work anymore and only sits home and bashes two categories of people, 1. women ofcourse because you’re a man and 2. anyone who works in India because you still didn’t get over turning down Ghajni a decade ago, it’s an old topic now and you can’t rub this in everyone’s face who wants to work in india or elsewhere. (can’t ignore the fact that you were offered a sidekick role. Things might’ve been different if it was offered otherwise) Finally Coming to the “BAN” Mawra hashtag. Did anyone ban you when you pulled off the sleaziest of acts in Punjabi films ( I’d send in data if you’ve forgotten) which could’ve influenced kids like me in a bad way for I remember being 9 or 10 when you were really famous but now that you have retired you leave no chance to bash us youngsters???

Mawra Hocane also asked Shaan Shahid to leave and everyone else alone because these celebrities were not accountable to him in any way. She wrote,

In the end, I still don’t hate you, you know why because they sayLove what Loves you but never hate what hates you for hate is the burden that exhausts the Stars in youI certainly don’t want the stars in me to die for someone as unworthy as you. I’m a brave Pakistani girl, a London graduate, a dreamer, a girl who won’t get scared of the bashing for it’s irrelevant compared to the dreams I carry in my Heart & mind everyday.

For me shooting in India is just like me shooting in Dubai, America, Cape Town or any other country so stop making a big deal about it regardless of my workplace I Love my country and I’ll always belong to it without the approval of his excellency Mr Shan shahid and every inch of my existence will do everything to do Pakistan proud. I don’t need to reject other countries work opportunities to prove my patriotism, PAKISTAN in is in my blood and soul regardless of your opinion of me sir!
Cheers sir. (You must leave us kids alone as I’m politely asking you not to interfere in our matters and hinting that I don’t intend to continue this war of articles with you for unlike you I’ve got so many other things to do in my plate like.. work. I wouldn’t have given you a single reaction if it was not for you challenging my Love for my fans and for my country) God bless

All Shaan has said in reply to Mawra is in the form of a facebook status in which he is saying that Mawra is not owning her mistake.

Actress Mawra Hocane has written an open letter to her fans and actor Shaan Shahid who had criticized her on her Tweets regarding supporting Phantom movie.

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