Maram & Aabroo talks to Fashion Central

Maram & Aabroo, presently the only women team in the country to offer photography and styling, entered an already seasoned fashion industry in the year 2005 yet in a relatively short period of 3 years, amidst a climate of fierce competition, have successfully created a niche for themselves through the sheer diversity and consistency of their work. Today the dynamic duo talks to Fashion Central about their professional and personal lives.

1. You are the only women based team offering both styling and photography in Pakistan: how did you two get in to this field?

We never really planned on taking this up as a career. We knew we were interested in the creative arts since college, and as time went on we realized that we had a certain knack for it. Honestly, we didn’t even think that being a female team would be of note to anyone, but as it turns out it’s pretty unique in the Pakistani arena.

2. What are you inspirations in life and career?

We dream big, we want so much, all at once! We want to try our hand at new things, take on challenges and gain knowledge. We love our work and this is where we find joy. We want to go everywhere, be everywhere, meet new people and keep learning about the world around us. We’re inspired by so many wonderful artists, writers from all over the world, it’s hard to pick who to mention on the spur of the moment but let’s give it a shot: Monet, Caravaggio, tons of anonymous artists who created gorgeous images but whose names were lost in time. We appreciate beauty in the smallest of things.

3. What has been the most defining point in your career thus far?

We went for a proper job in Media City and landed in a studio in Abu Dhabi. That was where we discovered what having a serious career in the creative industry was like. A very important chapter in our story thus far.

4. This is a demanding profession: how do you both balance both your personal and professional lives?

We try but since our work is so much a part of lives, it makes up the personal part too most of the time! But our families are very important to us and we don’t let our careers encroach upon our quality time with them.   

5. What do you believe is the biggest challenge faced by the fashion industry in Pakistan today?

The lack of ability to rise above differences and unite, as we believe that there is so much talent in Pakistan and if we could just set personal differences aside, we could rival the international creative scene easily!

6. A lot of your music photography has translated onto album covers. How does music photography differ from fashion shoots?

With music photography, the idea is to translate the personalities of the musicians in an image. It is an entirely different process from making a professional model look good in designer wear where the product takes preference.

7. What projects are you currently working on?

Many, but we respect our clients’ privacy!

8. Tell us a bit about those campaigns/shoots about which you are particularly proud.

The very first campaign shoot we did in Abu Dhabi comes to mind. That was a terrific and uplifting experience. We managed to turn our novice skills into a beautifully polished product which was then published in Al Mara al Youm, for which we will always be proud.

9. If you were not photographers and stylists, what would you have been?

Maram: I personally believe I would have been an asset to the medical profession! It was one of the biggest decisions of my life to choose the creative industry over medicine.

Aabroo: I would have been accomplished in the creative department of an international advertising firm. 

10. Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?

We hope we are working hard at what we do by then, recognized for what we do and respected in our professional field in the international arena.

Maram & Aabroo, presently the only women team in the country to offer photography and styling, entered an already seasoned fashion industry.

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