Mallika Sherawat Faces an Attack by Robbers in Paris

Mallika Sherawat is a Bollywood actress and model who has established herself as a sex symbol and become one of the most popular celebrities.

Her successes include Aap Ka Suroor and Double Dhamaal besides many more. Recently during her stay in Paris this star of Bollywood who also seeks recognition in Hollywood was the subject of an attack in what police suspect was a home robbery attempt at her Paris apartment building.

Media reports say that she was beaten up and tear gassed by three masked men and the incident took place in the presence of her partner Cyrille Auxenfans. The unfortunate happening took place when the two returned home last Friday. Incidentally, a month back another celebrity Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point, a month ago in the same vicinity.

Mallika is a resident of the upmarket 16th arrondissement of Paris. and had returned home at 9.30pm when the attack took place.

A paris newspaper states that the scene was almost movie like and the attackers had scarves to hide their faces. They did not utter a word and just proceeded to spray Mallika and Cyrille with tear gas and then followed this up with punches. After the frightening and terrifying treatment, the attackers chose to flee. Emergency services were called and a  criminal investigation is in progress. Police suspect that it could have been a robbery attempt although nothing has been reported to be missing.

Minor injuries were sustained by the couple.

Bollywood star and model Mallika Sherawat was attacked and robbed by masked intruders inside a Paris apartment.

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