Malala in The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Pakistan’s celebrated education activist Malala Yousafzai appeared on America’s most popular TV show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and she talked about her passion for children’s right to get education, winning the Nobel Peace Prize and about her father who gave her full freedom “to fly as high as I can”.

Ms Malala, whose family members were part of the audience, opened up about how she found out that she had won the prestigious award, and what it’s like meeting world leaders, and more.

A blurb posted online said Malala, the film “He named me Malala “is set to open in American theatres on Oct 5, in the TV show she also spoke candidly about her relationship with her family and her meetings with world leaders.

On finding out malala won: “So I was in my chemistry lesson in school and just studying about atoms and those things and suddenly my teacher came in, surprised me, she said that “you have won the Nobel Peace Prize”. And I said, OK and then I said I want to finish my school. And because I am standing up for education and I have been given this award because I am fighting for children’s rights to go to school, so I deserve this right to study today in school. Finish my school day and then I’ll go and have press interviews and stuff. So I finished that day.”

malala with ellen tv show

On meeting world leaders: “So if I like feel shy and if I think he would mind it than these issues would never get highlighted so it’s telling the world, just reminding them of their duties. You’re not asking them to do something extra, but you are demanding them that these are their responsibilities, they need to listen to their people’s voices. We want them to take action. We want them to do something and it’s important that you highlight it to them.”

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On her family: “Well my father always says that ‘ask me what I did, but ask me what I did not do. And I did not clip her wings.’ So he has not clipped my wings, he has allowed me to fly as high as I can. And this is how we want parents to be, to allow their children to fulfil their dreams to achieve who they want to be. It’s not that girls don’t have the skill or don’t have the talent to do something in their life it’s that they’re stopped in society. So my father did not stop me. And I’m really thankful to him, also to my mother for giving me the strength and the courage to go forward. A little bit to my brothers, a little.”

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai talked with Ellen DeGeneres about her mission to bring education to girls around the world.

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